Airworthy, a global provider of world-class interior solutions, is proud to announce the patented American Public Transportation Association (APTA) compliant train table design. Our design is compliant with APTA PR-CS-S-018-13 standard. This Rail Standard defines crashworthiness requirements for fixed workstation tables installed in passenger rail coach cars.

In passenger rail seating configurations with fixed workstation tables, there is a risk of serious thoracic and abdominal injury when passengers impact a table during a rail accident. Tables designed to absorb energy and limit contact forces can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, tables positioned between facing rows of seats can compartmentalize occupants during a collision, which can limit an occupant’s secondary impact velocity and prevent tertiary impacts with other objects or passengers.

APTA compliant train table

This cutting-edge innovation is set to redefine passenger safety in the rail industry by combining attachment and deflection mechanisms to protect compartmentalization during crashes, ensuring a safer travel experience for all.

APTA compliant train table

.Airworthy’s train table is designed to remain securely attached to the train during normal operations; in the event of a crash, the passengers will impact the edge of the table causing it to translate forward minimizing the risk of injuries.

APRA compliant train table

Airworthy is committed to innovation and safety. We look forward to collaborating with rail operators and industry partners to implement this revolutionary solution and make train travel safer for everyone.

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