Design, certification and manufacture of custom aircraft interior monuments, galleys, closets, partitions, video control centers and other interior monuments for the Aerospace and Commercial Industries.

Airworthy also provides engineering services. Our team of aircraft engineers has many years of experience in custom Cabin Interiors and we re-engineer and certify monuments and cabin structures reconfigurations, such as bins, galleys, closets, dividers, and lavatories, complete engineering and FAA certification capabilities.

Airworthy’s monuments division supports interior products for virtually all commercial aircraft types, including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer airplanes and main rail manufacturers.

Commercial aircraft

Light weight, modern, and highly functional – Airworthy interior solutions for passenger aircraft.

From cabin reconfiguration to new cabin interiors needs. Airworthy offers wide- and narrow-body cabin interior monuments that are fully customizable to your airline’s unique branding and passenger-experience needs.


Our monument product portfolio includes ready-to-install bulkheads, galleys, closets, partitions, Crewrest, etc.

We deliver ready-to-install aircraft interior monuments complete with engineering and certification approval documentation.


Our in-house design team will work with you to create solutions for enhancing passenger experience. Monuments can be customized to reflect your airline’s branding and optimize usage of space.

Interior Reconfigurations

Airworthy offers complete turn key cabin reconfigurations with new monuments as well as modification kits to change the configuration of existing Galleys.

From simple aircraft modifications to fully integrated cabins, our engineers have the necessary experience and expertise to craft a wide range of aircraft interiors to meet your needs.


Success through lightness and robustness – Airworthy’s interiors for freighter aircraft.

Conversion Of PAX Aircraft: Airworthy is a specialist for Monuments used at the conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters. Airworthy’s offers lightweight Galleys and Crewrest designed exclusively for PAX-to-freighter conversion programs.

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