Airworthy Inc. is proud to be part of the Mayan Train (Tren Maya) program in Mexico.

The Mayan Train (Tsíimin K’áak, in the Mayan language) is an infrastructure project for socioeconomic development and sustainable tourism promoted by the Mexican government. It constitutes a new rail transportation service that links the most important cities and areas of tourist interest in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Tren Maya

The symbolic placement of the first sleeper in Palenque on December 16, 2018 marked the symbolic start of the construction of the Mayan Train.

In June 2020, construction formally began and work was assigned to various construction companies for different sections of the project, Alstom, Airworthy’s partner, was among them.  

The Mayan Train will have three types of trains:

Xiinbal (walking): standard regular service train that will allow passengers to enjoy a journey with large panoramic windows. 

Janal (eating): a restaurant car, with a design inspired by the work of engineer and architect Luis Barragán; it has comfortable spaces designed to enjoy regional cuisine.

P’atal (staying): train for long distances, with comfortable cabins, day and night, that will make the trips a unique experience.

Airworthy, will make all the catering galleys and bar for Tren Maya trains.

Airworthy, proud to be part of the Tren Maya Program

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