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Airworthy Aerospace Offers World Class Aircraft Interior Solutions, GUARANTEED


The Preferred Provider of World-Class Aviation Interior Solutions


Quality You Demand, Timeliness You Require, Service You Deserve… Guaranteed


Airworthy Aerospace provides customized, full-service aircraft interior solutions, superior products and personalized customer service to the global aviation industry – on schedule and on budget, every time.

Our team understands the challenges you face in operating an airline, so we strive to add value, provide peace of mind and earn your trust at every touch point.  How?  By partnering with you to deliver effective, high-quality aircraft product delivery and repair processes that are smooth, timely and worry-free – and supporting you with responsive service and a dedication to customer satisfaction.  And we stand behind every product, service and promise with our ironclad Airworthy Aerospace guarantee.

From world-class products, like aircraft carpet and vinyl to airline interior monuments, to advanced technology and expert services, like airline carpet fabrication, aircraft seating repair and dress cover manufacturing, we ensure outstanding quality, quick turnaround and fair prices.  You have our pledge that at Airworthy, “We manage the product line so you can manage the airline”  is much more than our tagline – it’s our commitment to support your success. Learn More

Airworthy, full service aircraft interior solutions provider, to attend ACPC




Customers can reach us at sales@airworthy.aero to schedule a meeting in advance.

We understand the importance of filling the seats on each which, means that each seat needs to be in its best shape. Airworthy Aerospace offers full refurbishment, repair, overhaul, modification and zero-time services for most passenger, crew, and cabin attendant seats.


We can supply individual seat assemblies or entire shipsets with your specific colors and configurations, as well as new seat covers from fabric, leather or E-leather and new fire blocked cushions.   Utilizing our Air Solutions software and ERP system, Airworthy brings technology to the repair process. This technology allows us to offer superior levels of service that exceed our customers’ expectations. Need other parts of your seats repaired? We have that covered, too. Airworthy Aerospace can supply PMA parts like food tray tables, armcaps, and plastics that have FAA combined designed and production approval for modification and replacement parts. We can also work with your engineering department to rapidly create OOP parts, as well. Learn More

Airworthy Aerospace is the largest aviation carpet and non-traditional flooring fabricator in North America. With our new state-of-the art facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida, our capacity sustains up to 80,000 square yards of carpet per month.


We have advanced technology laser inspection to ensure that the quality standards are met, but we offer a personal touch in which we manage the entire process for our customers. This means that we will manage the schedules for the air carpet contracts with the manufacturers, the production, inspection, and shipment so that you can manage your airline. Learn More

engineering-3Airworthy Engineering Solutions – Once and Done Airworthy Aerospace Engineering Services are dedicated to helping the airlines achieve interior redesign and modification programs on time and within budget.  Our team of engineers can assist with Aircraft Mapping, LOPA Design, OOP Part and PMA Manufacture. When it comes to Aviation Carpet and NTF aircraft configuration or MAPPING, Airworthy is second to none.  Utilizing the airlines LOPA and on-board measurements, taken using state of the art measuring equipment, we design the flooring layout to maximize efficiency while minimizing the number of part numbers required to manufacture the complete kit.  Understanding the customer requirement to have flexibility in ordering, Airworthy engineers design the flooring kit to include the following:

  • Complete Aircraft Kit – Carpet and Non Traditional Flooring
  • Under Seat Carpet Kit
  • Aisle Carpet Kit
  • Non Traditional Flooring Kit
  • Individual replacement panels

Airworthy’s highly knowledgeable engineering staff draws on years of experience, measuring nearly every airframe in the industry, to Guarantee a perfect fit every time. Learn More

Airworthy Aerospace introduces Aero-LTE commercial aviation carpet. We are focused solely on supporting airlines, MROs, and leasing companies with a brand of carpet that meets your standards and fits within your budget. Our new line of Aero-LTE carpet is always in stock and there are no large minimum order requirements.   This means that it can ship quickly and you do not have to wait for long manufacturing lead times.


We are also able to offer this carpet at an extreme value to our customers because it is light weight and we can easily manage the inventory and shipments. You can order it in a bulk role or in a fabricated kit. Airworthy Aerospace is the largest aviation carpet and non-traditional flooring fabricator in North America. We use the latest technology to cut, part mark, sew, inspect and roll carpet to ensure that we meet your requirements and deliver the highest quality of workmanship. Our carpet, serging thread and tapes are all FAA certified. Learn More

Airworthy Aerospace services most galleys, cart/trolleys, coffeemakers and ovens from Zodiac Sell & Driessen, B/E Aeros Heath Tecna, Composites Unlimited, AIM Aerospace, DASELL, Diethelm Keller, Bucher, and Britax, as well as manufacturers.   At Airworthy Aerospace, we believe in partnerships with our customers.


By establishing a preventative maintenance program for your carts, coffee makers, ovens, and controllers, you can save time and money. We have the ability to use less expensive PMAs and OOPPs which result in low cost rates, lower labor rates, and 3-5 day turn times. We have also recently introduced RFID tags to automate the repair system on galley carts. These Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags contain electronically stored information which allows us to track and manage how often and the reasons for the repairs on any particular cart. Learn More

Airworthy Aerospace offers full refurbishment, laminate replace and repair services for most sidewall panels, bin doors, ceiling panels, class dividers, and galleys. All of our repair stations are D100 certified. Being located allows us to fly a team of experts to your location and take care of the issue.   You don’t have to ship the items you need repaired across country – we will come to you.


Because company is well-financed, we maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and are able to buy directly from them. This allows us to get the parts of your aircrafts repaired in a timely and economically sound way. We service Boeing, B/E Aerospace, Airbus, Triumph, McDonnell Douglas and other manufacturers’ products for all aircraft types. Repairing and recovering a shipset of panels is the most economical choice for restoring an aircraft interior to a “like-new” condition without the high cost of OEM replacements. Learn More

  Airworthy Aerospace’s Thermoform Plastics division create custom engineering solutions for all types of thermoform plastics and focuses on plastics fitted on aircraft seating products.


We refurbish, repair and inspect Owner Operated Produced Parts and Parts Manufacturing Authority. Learn More

Dress Cover Restoration When it comes to meeting customer requirements, Airworthy listens.  Our customers expressed a desire for a supplier to provide top quality leather dress cover restoration.  Airworthy heard this requirement and has developed a process that provides our customers with a beautifully reconditioned, like new  dress cover, for a faction of a new cover price.  Our service includes:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Through cleaning
  • Exact dye color match
  • Application of dye
  • Application of protective top coat
  • Application of leather conditioner
  • Final Inspection
  • 8130 Return to Service

Learn More


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BCA, October 2018, Vol. 114, Issue 10

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Cover Date:  Mon, 2018-10-01
Volume:  114
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