For over 20 years, Airworthy has been a leader in aviation interior solutions. In an effort to assist our customers during this challenging time, our innovation team developed ScreenGuard, the perfect seat partition.

Our Seat Partition – ScreenGuard – is a fast and easy solution that effectively provides a barrier between passengers without limiting seating space.

With ScreenGuard, there is no need to leave the middle seat empty, maximizing capacity.

ScreenGuard, bold in concept, brilliant in execution!


  • Easily installed, ScreenGuard is designed to be fitted to the armrest between seats
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Three (3) adjustable stops make this solution customizable to meet passengers’ height to minimize exposure, maximizing protection
  • Designed to cover passenger’s head region in both upright and recline positions, providing protection regardless of the seat’s position
  • Screen slides in and out
  • Allows easy access to seats
  • Easy to install in original or retrofitted seats
  • Satisfies direct view requirements
  • Designed to withstand abuse load


  • Load the base bracket onto the armrest from the forward direction
  • Once placed in the desired position, screw the clamping bracket to the base bracket to firmly lock on the armrest
  • Seat partition should be virtually parallel with seatback to ensure coverage in both positions

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