For over 20 years, Airworthy has been a leader in aviation interior solutions. In an effort to assist our customers during this challenging time, we have developed a solution for cargo transportation in passenger aircraft cabins: Cargo Bags.

This solution enables airlines to load the cabins with cargo without removing passenger seats, maximizing available space while keeping the seats protected from damage. Easy set-up, minimum conversion time, and watertight and chemical-resistant materials allow fast, temporary modifications to increase cargo capacities and adapt to growing demand.

  • Capacity of 75lb per seat
  • No STC required
  • Available in single-seat, triple-seat of four-sea
  • Release with certificate of conformity
  • Certified two-year lifespan
  • Standard M2/B1 fire-retardant or CLASS D
  • ETSO C172 straps incorporated in the design
  • Design approval EASA, POA and DOA
  • Easy Installation
  • Watertight and chemical-resistant
  • Extreme temperature and UV resistant
  • Abrasion, puncture, and tear resistant
  • Easy to store, maintain, clean and repair
  • Weight 4kg per seat
  • Closure overlap/velcro

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