Our priority is to maintain business continuity to support our industry

The Airworthy team continues to innovate and develop practical solutions during these challenging times, focusing on innovation for business continuity to support our customers and partners. 

Now more than ever, cleaning and disinfecting is essential to the transportation industry, providing a clean and safe environment for passenger and crew members is a top priority. Airworthy understands the challenges, and we are focus on providing you with practical solutions, like our all-in-one disinfecting and sanitizing kit, and tray table covers.  

Airworthy sanitizing kit used in aircraft cabin, one of our innovation ideas for business continuity

Our All-In-One Disinfecting and Sanitization Kit includes all you need to disinfect the air and all touchpoints in an aircraft at any time with little disruption in operations, whether it is between flights or getting ready to return to service.

Image of food table tray installed, innovation for business continuity

Our tray table cover creates a clean flying environment to elevate passenger experience, provides an infection control barrier, and minimizes exposure to germs and allergens from the tray table.

Our Cargo bags enable airlines to load the cabins without removing passenger seats, maximizing available space while keeping the seats protected from damage

Seat with dividers

Our seat dividers, effectively provide a barrier between passengers without limiting seating space

We have been serving the industry for more than 20 years, you can count on us to support you today and for years to come, as we continue to explore new innovation ideas to keep business continuity.

For more information or to order, please contact us at sales@airworthy.aero or 715-386-0969

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