We provide full repair and overhaul services for DCA’s Airline Travel Chair Family of Products, including the Travel Wheelchair, the world’s lightest and easiest to use wheelchair that has been the natural choice for airlines for many years. Along with full repair and overhaul services, we carry a vast inventory to ensure airlines using DCA Travel Chair have easy access to spare parts, repairs, and the best support network.

About DCA

The newly formed company, led by a team with vast experience in the aviation and disability industries, focuses on the supply and maintenance of aircraft wheelchairs, including the Travel WheelChair, following the sale of Gerald Simonds Healthcare.

Airworthy has been serving the industry for more thanĀ 20 years, you can count on us to support you today and for years to come.

For more information about our new aircraft wheelchair repair and overhaul services, and programmed spares contact us at 715-386-0969 or email us sales@airworthy.aero

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