Airworthy, the Global Provider of World-Class Interior Solutions, brings the steadiness, security and expertise in monuments design and manufacture, flooring fabrication, interior repair and refurbishment and trolley repair and maintenance.

Airworthy delivers the quality, timeliness and service you deserve.

Our team understands the industry challenges so we strive to add value, provide peace of mind, and earn your trust at every touchpoint.  How?  By partnering with you to deliver effective, high-quality aircraft and rail product delivery and repair processes that are smooth, timely, and worry-free – and supporting you with responsive service and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

You have our pledge that our four divisions -AS9100 certified Monuments in California, AS9100 certified Fabrication in Wisconsin and Florida, EASA and FAA part 145 approved Interiors MRO and Trolleys MRO are committed to support your success.

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Airworthy is the Global Provider of World-Class Interior Solutions you can trust to achieve your goals… and exceed your expectations.

What sets Airworthy apart?

Our customer focus. 

As our customers’ needs have grown, we have continuously expanded our product line and support services to provide high quality airline interior solutions.  Today, our product line is unlimited, and every product and service is backed by engineering experts, hands-on support and excellent customer service.

Our advanced technology. 

We have refined our processes to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers.  Unlike other companies that simply fulfill job orders, we work closely with you to understand your needs and create optimal solutions that ensure your complete satisfaction every step of the way.

We know that aircraft are only on the ground for a brief time – that means speed and quality are critical.  So we have invested in state-of-the-art technology to simplify and speed our manufacturing processes, including fully-automated machinery for our Flooring Fabrication, Seating Covers, Monuments and Interior Repair and Trolleys MRO division, and advanced laser technology for mapping and cutting carpet and NTF, to ensure precision and reduce labor and touch time.  And we developed proprietary brands, like our top-rated, high quality Aero-LTE carpet – complementary to most airline interiors, easy to fabricate and install, and available for immediate delivery.

Our duplicate locations and services

And as our product line has grown, so have our domestic and international locations.  We now have two full-service 24/7 facilities, including our headquarters in Hudson, WI and our new state-of-the-art operation in Deerfield Beach, FL – and by duplicating our capabilities, we can guarantee continuous operations and on-time delivery in any situation.  Additional Airworthy operations are located in Detroit, Anaheim, Atlanta, Minneapolis and further international expansion is planned to meet our customers’ needs.

Our people

Our employees are the main reason for our success – the most passionate, service-oriented and experienced airline interior solutions experts in the industry. We put the right professionals in place to serve you, including skilled engineers with an extensive experience, dedicated customer service representative to work with and communicate with you at every phase of the process.

We celebrated 20 years of services in 2020, looking forward to the next 20! read all about it here.

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Design, certification and manufacture of custom aircraft interior monuments, galleys, closets, partitions, video control centers and other interior monuments for the Aerospace and Commercial Industries.

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